Make your deployment faster parallelizing your jobs in Azure DevOps - Classic Editor

When do I have to use this?

I’ll use as a didactic example an application with two projects: an API and a Web Site. This maybe can be a simple example, but you can find a better use for this approach in your day-to-day activities, ideally with tasks that take a long time to execute, as creating resources like Virtual Machines, Web Apps, or any other operations. The greater advantage is that if you have one job or ten, it will take just the time for one execution.

Configuring the CD pipeline

I’ll use an existing build with two outputs: an API and a WebApp. The names used in the artifacts are important, we will use this later to define our application name. Here, I’ll show you how to create an application and send it to Azure DevOps.

Running and testing :)

After running our pipeline, we can see it’s working running in two parallel agents:



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Wesley Camargo

Wesley Camargo

Microsoft MVP | DevOps Lead Systems Engineer @ EPAM